Ireland is again the fastest-growing economy in the European Union, with a rise of almost 8pc in GDP last year. (more…) read more →

The country’s biggest mobile operator has warned more than 100,000 phone customers of possible disruption to roaming costs and data access in a week’s time. (more…) read more →

Ulster Bank has kicked off a new round of mortgage wars with a string of cuts to its fixed mortgage rates. (more…) read more →

Under-investment by small and medium-sized businesses was at over 30pc in 2016, with financial issues the biggest contributing factors, research has found. (more…) read more →

12 Mar 2018
March 12, 2018

Only 11pc of SMEs using renewables

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Almost four in 10 Irish businesses would be willing to pay higher energy costs if their energy was coming from renewable sources, according to a new survey. Half of those businesses (more…) read more →

Dunnes Stores has completed a major corporate restructuring process by assimilating 40 individual companies into a principal entity within the group via a merger process. (more…) read more →

Freezing temperatures pushed gas demand far above the seasonal norms at the end of February. (more…) read more →

They say it is an ill wind that does not benefit someone. (more…) read more →

Irish software company Intercom is to create 350 new jobs. (more…) read more →

The DAA is planning to leverage data from tens of thousands of passengers in an effort to significantly boost the €400m-plus annual retail and ancillary sales generated at Dublin and Cork airports. (more…) read more →